Information we take

You can use our secure online form to pass on information about crime but we do recognise that this isn't always an easy decision to make.

1. If you are worried that you don't have enough information - don't worry tell us as much as you can. The form itself will guide you through what you can tell us.

2. Crime isn't always obvious. Activity online and people's behaviour changing negatively can sometimes be a really good indicator as to how they are affected by crime and criminality.

3. If you are a victim of crime, we're sorry to hear that. We recommend that you speak to a person you trust (parent, teacher, sports coach) who can support you to get the right help. 

4. We know it isn't always easy for you to pass on information - especially if it is about someone you know.  Remember you will remain anonymous so no one will know it was you.

5. If you are in danger or need immediate help phone the emergency services 999.