Crime Resources

Explore the following sections to access further information on the individual crime types. Where possible, we have included relevant supporting video and signposted to other agencies who are industry experts. Use the Order Form to acces the latest Fearless educational tools and resources.


Weapon attacks involving young people hit the headlines too frequently. Here we explore the wider social, physical and physiological effects of this type of criminality.


CSE is a type of sexual abuse and a very serious issue that can affect children and young people under the age of 18 from all backgrounds and communities in the UK.

Theft & Robbery

Theft and robbery both involve taking property that belongs to someone else. This section looks at the crucial differences between them.

Criminal Damage

Criminal Damage explores the crimes in which people intentionally damage other peoples property including, vandalism, graffiti and arson.


From fighting in the street to carefully planned murders. This section looks at all types of violent crime.

Gangs (county lines)

A gang could simply be a group of friends that all like doing the same things. The word takes on a new meaning when a group of friends gets involved in criminal activity. 


You can be arrested for using, having or supplying drugs. This section explores illegal drugs and looks at the new laws around legal highs.


Explore what it means to be in an abusive relationship. We also look at the definition of rape and where to go for support if you are worried about a child at risk of FGM.

Cyber Crime

Cyber-crime basically means any crime committed online. As the number of ways to access the internet has increased in the world, so has the number and types of cyber-crime offences being committed.

The Cycle

An interative resource which follows one girl's story as she is caught up in an uncontrolable 'cycle' of criminality.

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