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Did you know? It is illegal to sell a knife to anybody under the age of 18

Knife crime

Knife crime is devastating for victims their family and the wider commuinity. Knife attacks involving young people hit the headlines too frequently.

Effects of knife crime
Reports of stabbings in the news increase the fear and worry in the community. Some young people may feel that if other young people are carrying knives, they should be doing the same and carrying a knife for protection. More knives on the street only leads to one outcome – more people getting hurt.

If you are stabbed the wound and trauma to the body could tragically result in death. Although some people believe there are ‘safe’ areas of the body to stab this isn’t true. You have arteries which carry your precious blood all over your body. So a stab wound in the legs and arms should be treated as seriously as those in the neck or chest.

If you are stabbed and survive you could still experience long term physical effects. If you look at a stab wound it is usually a short wound on the surface of the skin - but very deep in your body, this will of course vary depending on the type of weapon used. This type of internal wound means that the affected area may be prone to infection and as a result never heal properly.

Ask yourself a question - Will the person who stabbed you have made sure their knife was clean and bacteria free? Not very nice but hopefully you get the idea.
  • As a victim. If you survive being stabbed you will have still have experienced major trauma to your body. It is likely to take you a long time to heal. You might find it difficult going out on your own as you are frightened you might be attacked again. You survived and experienced a nasty crime and you may have bad dreams reliving what happened to you. It is likely to have an impact on your family and friends who will be worried for you. If you have been a victim of a crime please visit Victim Support for help and support.
  • As the offender. If you really had the intention to stab and kill someone you may feel happy when you find out your victim has died. In reality this is not often the case. How do you think you will really feel? How will your family feel about what you have done? You are very likely to get caught, so will face a long time in prison. Are you ready and prepared to do this? These may be questions that you will have to answer if you do get charged with murder. Only you know the right answers.
Knife crime includes any crimes that involve the use of a sharpened weapon, blade or offensive weapon. The way these types of weapons can be used means there are a number of different types of knife crime. 

There are also certain knives that are banned in the UK meaning you could be arrested and charged simply for owning one. These include; flick knives, butterfly knives, disguised knives, sword-sticks and gravity knives.

Two strikes rule. If you have been caught before with a knife, you could risk a more severe punishment if you are caught again. In a new law that was passed on July 17th 2015, if you are aged between 12 and 17 years and are caught twice with a knife, you are likely to face at least a 4 months detention and training order. 

Knives are the most common weapons used in the killings of young people and if someone is injured or killed in your presence you could be sent to prison for  murder or attempted murder under 'joint enterprise'.

Gun Crime

As a proportion of total crime, gun crime is very low in the UK. That being said the consequences are just as devastating.

Guns can be used in a number of different types of crimes with the intention to scare, injure or kill people. Crimes like robberies, hostage situations and murders could involve the use of a weapon such as a gun.

Imitation guns like BB Guns are often sold as toys in the UK. Even though they do not fire out real bullets, they can still cause serious harm to others. Under the Firearms Act 1968, “An imitation firearm is anything which has the appearance of being a firearm”- this includes BB Guns and Air guns. If you are seen carrying an ‘imitation firearm’ in public you could be given a sentence of six months in prison. 


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